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Mike Who Now?

Some of you already know me or will have seen the Slingers sizzle or watched Caper or read one of the comic books I’ve written. Some of you may have read the TV pilots and feature scripts and shorts and stories and books I’ve written. There’s a play, some opera and a couple of songs out there too. Some of that stuff has won honest-to-god heavy difficult-to-clean could-crack-a-skull awards. You possibly follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Some of you know my real name and at least one of you has slept with me and/or thrown a punch at me.


I’m Mike Sizemore and I make stuff up for a living.

Midnight Quatermass?

Sure. I write in the early hours (thanks, kids!) and have a hard-on for old sci-fi and horror. I’ll mention that stuff here along with some other things you’ll have actually heard of and possibly even seen. I’ll try and introduce some of you to things that may not be on your radar at all and also share some of my own work in progress. Oh and I’ll treat us all to a story or three.

I’m working the format out at the same time you’re reading it so my hope is that we’ll arrive at something viable together.

Let’s grab a coffee and see what happens…

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Award winning writer. Currently working with John Carpenter